Dr. Gene Wood
President and Founder, Word4Asia


For over 30 years Gene Wood has been sharing his expertise, insight and practical knowledge with non-profit organizations and professionals worldwide. With passion and unwavering commitment, he has made it his goal to help deserving nonprofits build partnerships and mutually rewarding relationships with China.

With degrees in Law Enforcement, Theology and an honorary doctorate for his leadership work with nonprofit organizations, Gene is a highly respected and engaging facilitator and speaker. He has led Leadership Training seminars throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong and the Philippines. He is the author of several books on Turnarounds, Leading Turnaround Teams, and how to make the most of “Going Glocal” (global with a local feel).

Over the years, he has sat on several college boards, proudly chaired a variety of regional and international boards, and served as the national spokesperson for one denominational group. Gene has been happily married for 37 years and has 3 grown children. While he is drawn to metropolitan areas and is happiest with the energy of the big city driving his thoughts, he can often be found happily cheering on his favorite NBA team or playing a game of racquetball with a close friend at home in California.


Gene is president and founder of Word4Asia Consulting International, a group specializing in helping quality nonprofit organizations accomplish their objectives in mainland China.


Gene and Word4Asia’s primary focus is mainland China.


China is not the future – China is the now. With the door wide open, the opportunities are here and those waiting on the sidelines are going to miss the chance to do something truly worthwhile.


Gene recognizes that China and the relationships we build with its citizens will significantly impact our children and our grandchildren. He believes we have the unique opportunity to frame this reality the best way possible. Through good faith and integrity, we can shape the future of our world in the healthiest way possible.

Core Values

  • Rural Focus – from a humanitarian perspective, Gene & Word4Asia prefer to specialize on those areas where there are the least resources and the greatest need.
  • High Level Verification – While Gene & Word4Asia respect the autonomy of China and affirm it, they ensure clients have as much verification as is reasonable and necessary.
  • True Philanthropy – It’s important to stress that financial gain is not the overarching goal of Gene or Word4Asia. In their view, if you can’t give it away in good conscience, then you shouldn’t do it.
  • Legally Sound – Everything Gene & Word4Asia do is legal. Averting the law is not how they work. Instead, Gene & Word4Asia are proud to be doing exactly what they say and their clients embrace the sincerity in their professional and personal lives.

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